About Us

HK SANLIDA International Healthcare Products Company,Ltd. aims at introducing to the whole world traditional Chinese medicinal herbal healthcare products that have been shown by thousands of years of practice to be highly reliable and efficacious. This Company not only uses high-tech means to research and develop herbal medicines, herbal diet supplements, etc. which are based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, but also has extensive cooperation with research units and production enterprises in China. It has for sale superior-quality traditional Chinese medicinal products. These products can be shipped to countries which we have listed on web.

Our TCM Clinic Online site is loaded with useful information that can help you get started with traditional medicine and recommended products that can skyrocket your recovery rate. We help patients whose health problems have been diagnosed to be very severe and who hope to get out of the sick bed using another better method. Again, we help patients who do not want to go through the surgical operation and people who are of the opinion that traditional Chinese medicine is best for body regulation which requires herbal drugs for routine health care.

Whether this is your first time of hearing about Chinese traditional medicine or you want to know more about the procedure, SANLIDA is a dedicated site that can solve your health problems which conventional medicine cannot solve. SANLIDA supplies the missing tools for addressing the sick person rather than the person’s sickness.

HK SANLIDA Int'l Healthcare Products Company is also a global internet-based company that meets the demand of information era. By relying on its globalized operating and managing capability and its ability of making use of the latest information technology, this Company has established a perfect tracking system for global marketing, dispatching and delivery of goods.

Our Mission:

The time when we launch this online TCM clinic we need to introduce ourselves to you. If you look at the Logo of our company, may be you would ask what does the SANLIDA mean? You also do not know Chinese words 神力达. SAN(神) is God, LI(力) is Power, DA(达) is achieved, or created, so SANLIDA means the Power of God created it.We hope this logo would encourage us when we are in difficulty, and hope this logo also would remind us what we should do.

If you browse this website and read what we said on the homepage "Not only is our clinic the only site in the world that can give people who can not speak Chinese will be able to have the best practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine at home. Convenient to see a doctor, good curative effect and less expense", we hope you would feel you have seen a testimonial of Faith.

We just be like one of your neighbor, a limited but very enthusiastic person. Loving heart is much important than others when we serve a person. If you feel the treatment is quite effective, please praise God!If you are unsatisfied with our work, please tell us, we will attach great importance to your advice and do our best. We will act as permitted by actual conditions and strive to play a greater role.

God bless you!