Antialcoholic Wonder

Antialcoholic Wonder
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Antialcoholic Wonder

This product requires no prescription.

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Antialcoholic Wonder is an efficacious drug for treatment of alcoholism. It has ingredients of pure plant origin and will accomplish the exceptional treatment purpose of ridding a patient of alcohol dependence resulting from long-term drinking or a patient of accumulated alcohol poisoning of his addiction. Antialcoholic Wonder can liberate a person from his heavy dependence on alcohol and clean up the alcoholic poison accumulated in the body, with which some of his chronic diseases are etiologically connected in a short spell of time. Simultaneously with abolishing alcohol addiction this medicinal wonder can heal some of the harms done by alcohol to the liver and brain nerves. This herbal drug can rehabilitate the viscera, and make leading a normal, healthful life again possible for a person who was enslaved by alcohol.

Functions: relieves internal heat and dispels toxicity, sobers up, sharpens a person’s wits, clears the liver, optimizes the flow of bile, nurses the viscera, abolishes addiction to alcohol.

For treatment of: addiction to alcohol, dependence on alcohol and chronic alcohol poisoning all due to drinking large quantities of alcohol over a long period of time.

Over 20 main ingredients: cordycepin, wilsonii, polygala root, tuber of multiflower knotweed, the fruit of Chinese magnoliavine, angelica sinesis, and other famous traditional Chinese medicines.

A patient whose bouts are prolonged and uncontrollable will have his/her dependence on alcohol lightened to a certain degree by taking one course (30 days) of this herbal medicine. Continuous administration of the herbal drug series for 2-3 courses can completely cure a patient with strong bouts of his/her dependence on alcohol. Antialcoholic Wonder has a lasting therapeutic effect, and can form a permanent natural barrier of protection from alcohol by destroying the patient’s affinity to it with no future relapses ever.

What should a person pay attention to when taking Antialcoholic Wonder?
According to the severity of a person’s addiction to alcohol he may accomplish physical withdrawal within one or two weeks by simply relying on medicinal therapy. Psychological withdrawals from the addiction vary by the person. The length of treatment will generally be 15-60 days. It should be noted that during the period immediately after the person became totally abstinent (about 15-30 days) he would often be in a bad mood and seem absent-minded. If stress is not contained in  psychological guidance and the medicinal treatment not continued during that period, the person may relapse into alcoholism very soon.

SUGGESTED USE: Three times a day, 10 capsules of Antialcoholic Wonder each time, taken one hour after a meal. (Drinking of alcohol is forbidden during treatment)