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Custom Made Capsules
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Custom Made Capsules

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Our Custom made capsules of traditional Chinese medicine are available in all strengths and combinations in a ready to eat form so that you need not have to worry about getting the exact ingredients. You also need not create the right set up to prepare the medicine at your home. This service also removes the unpleasantness of taking bitter and bland Chinese herbal medicine.

After the diagnosis and identification of the exact nature of your ailment a Chinese medicine practitioner will decide on the right type of treatment for your disease. This is done by prescribing a herbal formula containing a combination of many herbal and animal products. The traditional Chinese medicine is well known for its expertise in herbal formula design and engineering aimed at applying the right type of cure to the targeted part of the body.

Chinese herbs are selected and combined in formula based on principles that have no relation whatsoever to bio-chemistry. Chinese herbal medicine is driven by the foundation principles of the medicine.

The success of this medicinal system lies in the understanding of how individual herbal substances are combined and recombined to produce the required curing effect on the human body. The standard format of the Traditional Chinese medicine is the prescription of herbal formula in the King-Minister-Assistant-Guide (KMAG) format. Though any herb can take any of the roles which one takes which role in an herbal formula depends on the cure required and the type of disease or disorder that is required to cure.

In an herbal formula the King Herb is the one that is aimed to give the strongest effect on the significant part of imbalance that has led to the disorder. The Minister herb is added to the formula to give cure to the main as well as the secondary deficiency that has contributed to the disease in the body. The Assistant herbs may be added as a helpful assistant, corrective assistant or opposing assistant that are mainly added to strengthen, reduce the effect of the herbs, and to prevent the formula from causing side effects or illness by balancing it’s effects.